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OK, let’s set the record straight right away. Just in case you thought this is a picture of my own
McLaren-Mercedes, you are absolutely right: YES, IT IS!

All 4” of it!!
Now you do understand, what I mean by “Wow factor”? Just look at that perfection!

A small detail in passing: each brake shoe and brake disc are separate parts, the disc itself is a thin
perforated photo-etched piece.

This is an incredible 1:43 scale model, with opening hood, trunk and doors, with a splendid
reproduction of the engine room, and an equally good one of the interior.

The resin and metal model is made in China by “Unknown” (at least to me), supposedly
specifically and only for the Japanese market, and is advertised as being hand-made. As far as I
know it can only be found on e-bay, and, depending on the seller, it can be bought for anywhere
from US$ 89.99 to 199.99 (plus S&H).

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