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MBMC Events

Pictures from the MBMC annual General Meeting, Stuttgart, Germany, 2006

Pictures from the MBMC annual General Meeting, Duisburg-Meiderich and Gladbeck, Germany, 2005

Pictures from the MBMC annual General Meeting, Fulda Germany, 2004

Pictures from the MBMC annual General Meeting, Karlsruhe Germany, 2003

Once a year, the General Meeting takes place in Germany, each time in a different city.

On this occasion members from all countries meet and can exchange thoughts and experiences.

Usually, a swapmeet is organized on the days the General Meeting takes place. This is also the time new MBMC-models are introduced, or released.

Within Europe, various sections of the MBMC have also organized regular get-togethers.

In North-America, a "New-York/New Jersey"-section was started in 2002, its members meet regularly.

The MBMC is present with a display of models and an information booth at international car shows such as "Techno Classica" , which takes place every May in Essen, Germany, and "Veterama" in Ludwigshafen, Germany, every year in the Fall.

As well, the MBMC has to date organized major model car exhibitions:

  • "Fascination en Miniature" , which took place in December 1988 inside the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany: 1800 Mercedes models were on view and attracted over 15,000 visitors in one month.
  • Celebrating the 100 years of the brand-name "Mercedes", the Art Gallery of Tuebingen, in Germany, relied on the MBMC to organize "Modelle - Form, Spiel, Kult " ( "Models - Shape, Game, Cult" ). From Mid-November 2000 to Mid-January 2001, a total of 1200 miniatures of all scales, from the 1/3 scale pedal car to the 1/300 scale sterling silver race car , were admired by 20,000 visitors.
  • Since 1986 , another 6 major exhibitions, each one featuring between 600 and 800 Mercedes models , were held in various locales in the Greater Essen region of Germany.
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