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Greetings from Greece

Fotis Fotiadis

My name is Fotis Fotiadis. I’m 41 years old. I started collecting models around the year 2000. That year, I bought a model, which my son decided to demolish as quickly as possible. I not only replaced this unfortunate model, but from that moment on, I began building a collection of models in earnest.

Although I am collecting scale models of various car brands and makes, sedans, trucks, buses, you name it, I am a fanatic of Mercedes-Benz cars, and most particularly of the famous “Pontons” of the Fifties.

No wonder! I’m proudly driving the real thing, and thus the main theme of my model car collection is, yes, you guessed it: the Ponton. My favourite ones are those made years ago by Schuco (Elektro car, Hydro car, etc.), by Tipp&Co, and the recent one by Revell, but also the 1/43 scale models from Faller’s “Memory Cars” series.

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